A better way for you and the planet.

We are on a mission to make high-performance and sustainable skincare accessible to all. Melixir cares about sustainability - by bringing harmony between people and nature, we can restore balance back into the world. 


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72% Fewer Carbon Emissions Produced

At Melixir, we are constantly looking for new and innovative methods to reduce our impact on the environment. One key activity involved finding sustainable materials to use for our packaging. 

After implementing the use of plastic made of sugarcane, we have reduced up to 72% of the carbon emissions created when compared to using traditional plastic. 

As responsible consumers and advocates for health and a green planet, choosing vegan products should be a conscious decision you make each and every time.

100% Pure Vegan Formulations

Melixir's products are made of 100% Vegan, Non-toxic ingredients. Top-quality plant-based ingredients maximize the effect of active ingredients and therefore maximize the results. 

The truth is, the “big" brands that you may be familiar with are concocted with a mix of artificial preservatives and unknown synthetics. While this may be convenient for the brands as they ensure longer shelf life and enable manufacturing in bulk, this is bad news for your skin.

500,000 Animals Saved

We love our furry friends! We are 100% cruelty-free and dedicated to saving them. We strongly refuse to test on animals so that we can save half million animals each year from crucial cosmetic experiments