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Founder Story

My passion for clean and plant-based skincare started in 2017.

I was insecure about my appearance because I struggled with acne and other skin problems even though I had been working for a cosmetic company for five years. During those times, I learned that the artificial preservatives intended to extend shelf-life of beauty products were the cause of my irritated skin.

Since then I discarded all of my products that had harmful toxins, and started over by only using products that had plant-derived ingredients. As a result, I saw my flaky irritated skin gradually transform into healthy glowing skin.

In 2017, I wanted to share my experience with people who want to improve their skin complexion. I looked into ways to get clear skin as naturally as possible and found that the best possible path to achieve this goal is to go vegan!

Melixir Vegan Skincare was born in 2018. Upholding clean beauty, we are mindfully formulating products without toxic ingredients, thus bringing customers back to their purest form of beauty.

In addition, we took a step forward to reduce the environmental impacts in our product's life cycle from ingredient acquisition to post consumer waste. Because we use plant-based ingredients and FSC-certified sustainable materials for packaging, making Melixir products produces less CO2 on average than other comparable brands.

I believe that everyone deserves to have healthy skin and I hope to deliver the best beauty experience for everyone.